We provide dependable, responsive and innovative sources  for  materials and resources that are essential for our customers success.  For suppliers, we offer a secure and valuable channel into  alternative markets and place goods advantageously with competitive pricing.

Your personal contact at Longulf builds a comprehensive understanding of your business,  its challenges and opportunities, tailoring the partnership  to provide solutions that add value, drive productivity and control costs.

We recognise that leadership and sound information management are essential to our customers and suppliers.   Our Directors and Senior Managers have many years of experience in international trade across five continents.   All transactions are supported by a real-time tracking system to provide a first class service for our partners.


Longulf | Your global partner


We supply  a comprehensive range of packaging materials and components for can-manufacturing and containers.

Longulf links specifications to capabilities and capacities.

By adding value, logistical support and tailor made solutions we create long-term customer relationships.

For more details please contact: Simon Thwaites


We provide a wide range of PET granules, PVC, HDPE, LDPE and Polypropylene for use in bottle blowing, preforms, crate making, window frame manufacture and bag making.

For more details please contact: Mustafa Cherawalla



We offer sack kraft paper to bag makers for a variety of applications; specialising in the cement bag industry.

For more details please contact:  Radwan Abdulrahman


Food Ingredients

As part of a multinational food manufacturing corporation we understand the day to day needs of our industry better than most.

Longulf provide ingredients to the biscuit, confectionery, snack food, dairy, beverage, and canned foods industries.

We also supply a range of fish and meat proteins for the food processing sector.

For more details please contact:  Dominique Basse


Our considerable experience with a diversified client base has led us into providing a range of customised supply chain, trade and inventory financing solutions.

For more details please contact:  Panos Pieri



We offer independent and impartial advice on the selection and supply of spare-parts & machinery, providing the flexibility of choice needed to satisfy your requirements


Over 4 decades of experience with international network and sound management backed up by professional expertise; Longulf has much more to offer.

Trading with Longulf

Through our global network, we provide services for all aspects of International trading. Contact us for more detailed information on how we can help you.