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Finance, Insurance and Logisitics



Our team  provide alternatives to meet the financial needs of our customers and suppliers.  No one market is the same, we have a reputation for crafting the right solution. Through decades of dependable transactions we have acquired a solid reputation with banks and financial bodies. Our lines of credit from first class banks, and structuring capability enable us to provide solutions to challenging situations.


A comprehensive marine insurance policy is provided by Lloyds Underwriters.


We deal with all transportation and logistical requirements ensuring an efficient, secure and timely solution from source of supply to final destination. Through Your Gulf Line (YGL), our authorised logistics service provider, we pride ourselves in building essential alliances with shipping companies and obtaining the appropriate vessels and port rotations. The safe loading and unloading of materials, including damage prevention measures, is of great importance to us.



We offer independent and impartial advice on the selection and supply of spare-parts & machinery, providing the flexibility of choice needed to satisfy your requirements


Over 4 decades of experience with international network and sound management backed up by professional expertise; Longulf has much more to offer.

Trading with Longulf

Through our global network, we provide services for all aspects of International trading. Contact us for more detailed information on how we can help you.