Coated Steel

Longulf is marketing a select range of flat rolled coated steel products, these include:

Electrical Steel Coils:

Also known as Dynamo Steels, are produced in two types, fully processed and semi processed. We can offer a range of cold rolled non grain oriented fully processed electrical steels which are used on the production of magnetic circuits for electrical rotating machines, small transformers, solenoids and other electrical equipment components.

Prepainted Steel Coils:

Here we can offer hot dip galvanized or cold rolled coils with organic coatings for applications in which oxidizing and corrosion resistance are required. These products are used widely in civil engineering exterior and interior applications such as profiles, corrugated sheets and roof coverings.

Other major application areas include domestic appliance casings and metal furniture fabrication.

All the coated steel products we offer comply with international standards. Technical datasheets and detailed product information is available upon request.

For up to the minute prices and market insight please contact:

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Range of products

Electrical Steel Coils

Prepainted Steel Coils